Once upon a time I wrote a poem about bioweapons... II come in the dark of night.The only sound a splash.I ride the rye downto the depths of the wellsnot seen by thosewho take waterto batheto drinkto cook the rice.Drawn deep by thirsty mouthsI begin my work.The people thinkthey see their enemy,projecting onto others what... Continue Reading →

You Are Not Alone

I received an Advance Readers’ Edition of You Are Not Alone by Greer Hendricks and Sarah Pekkanen from the publisher (St. Martin’s Press) in exchange for an honest review. You Are Not Alone is scheduled for release March 3, 2020. You Are Not Alone follows Shay, a young woman struggling to build a life in... Continue Reading →

First Love

I was thirteen when I met my first love. I was a dog walker that summer, taking three neighborhood doggos around the block four times a day. That meant I was sweaty and covered in dog fur, my hair straggling loose from the already not-so-great ponytail I had pulled it into, when I walked past... Continue Reading →

Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes

I received an Advance Reading Copy of Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes by Kathleen West from the publisher (Berkley/ Penguin Random House) in exchange for an honest review. Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes is scheduled for release on February 4, 2020. Minor Dramas & Other Catastrophes follows (primarily) two women. Isobel is a teacher at... Continue Reading →

Cotton Candy

It’s supposed to be an innocent thing. Light, fluffy, its very appearance a promise of delicate sweetness waiting to wash across your tongue. Kendra doesn’t see it. Kendra sees a nest of spider webs, the tangled strands of a witch’s hair as she leans it to take a bite of your tender flesh. Lucky for... Continue Reading →

My Dark Vanessa and Other November Reads

I finished eleven books in the month of November: Tunnel of Bones by Victoria SchwabBig Lies in a Small Town by Diane Chamberlain (ARC)The Lying Game by Ruth Ware (audiobook)Illuminae by Amie Kaufman & Jay Kristoff (reread)Transformative Assessment by W. James PophamMy Dark Vanessa by Kate Elizabeth Russell (ARC)Gemina by Amie Kaufman & Jay KristoffA... Continue Reading →

Lost Lunch

It was a full moon, but he agreed to the blind date anyway. He didn’t believe in that stuff. He also didn’t believe in astrology, which allowed him to carefully fold the newspaper and push it aside, ignoring the warnings for Leo and new acquaintances. He stood as she walked toward his table, a hesitant... Continue Reading →

Remembrance and other October Reads

I finished ten books in the month of October: Macbeth by Jo Nesbo (audiobook)The Furies by Katie Lowe (ARC)Strangers on a Train by Patricia HighsmithThe Belles by Dhonielle ClaytonFlight or Fright ed by Stephen King and Bev VincentThe Big Clock by Kenneth FearingKingdomtide by Rye Curtis (ARC)The Turn of the Key by Ruth Ware (audiobook)Circe... Continue Reading →

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